We’re here to assist you in resolving life situations such as relationship, sexuality, lifestyle gender identity, work or anger issues, to name a few.

Dr. Carol M. Jaxson-Jäger PhD NCC LPC DCC CST, a Licensed Professional Counselor certified by the National Board of Counselor Certification, and the States of Ohio and Michigan to perform qualified counseling services. We’re located in Dayton near the Dayton Art Institute.

Solving  problems on your own may sometimes work but often better results can be achieved in less time when receiving professional assistance.

You can gain help with these
issues and more:

Gender Identity
LGBT Issues

Please call or use the email link to get help from Dr Jaxson-Jager. drcarol@healthycounsel.net

Book cover, Bullies are for real by Dr. Carol Jaxson Jager

Bullies are for Real.

Bullies Are For Real is written for elementary school aged students, by anyone can learn and benefit from the examples presented. This book explores the nature of bullying, the kinds of people who bully, why people bully, why people are victimized by bullies, and what to do if you are bullied, among other topics. The illustrations in the book are actual drawings from elementary aged students, who were learning about bullying, in a large group setting, with an instructor. Bullies Are For Real presents children’s illustrations of bullying experiences.

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