Mid-Life Crisis

Midlife crisisIdentifying a Mid-Life Crisis in Relationships

We are all aware of the potential of developing a Mid-Life Crisis, but what is it, and how can you identify it, if that is the cause of your concern?

Check these bullets,  see if you can relate to any,  and if so be reassured that with counseling you do not have to be unhappy, and you can learn to live your life in the manner you choose, without hurting others.

You may be experiencing a Midlife Relational Crisis if you:

  • Feel trapped
  • Do not feel valued
  • Disrespect your partner/spouse
  • Are over critical of your partner or spouse
  • No longer enjoy the company of your spouse/partner
  • Start arguments as an excuse to leave the home
  • Compare your partner/spouse to someone you like better
  • You would like to leave home/partner or get a divorce
  • Allow others to interfere with your relationship
  • Use your job as an excuse to stay away from home
  • Resent your spouse for not being like you
  • Provide for but no longer desire to be with your family
  • Are angry at your partner/spouse most of the time, and are not sure why

We’re here to help. If you’d like to work on this, either by yourself or with your partner, please contact Healthy Counsel LLC.