Self Esteem

Self esteemRaise Your Self Esteem

Your self esteem is what you think of yourself. Low self esteem is thinking little of yourself, and can prevent you from forming or maintaining relationships or prevent you from seeking job opportunities.

You can boost your confidence, and achieve inner strength as you learn to love yourself, and acquire a healthier self esteem.

Below are examples of  low self esteem:

  • You are devastated by simple mistakes
  • You have few resources
  • You provoke domestic and social violence
  • You put yourself down in a joking or serious manner
  • You engage is self destructive behavior
  • You sacrifice your identity for the sake of “fitting- in”
  • You act superior and brag incessantly
  • You enjoy the demise or humiliation or others
  • You become angry and lose your temper quickly
  • You concentrate on your failures, weaknesses and setbacks

A lack of self esteem can have devastating results on your life and the decisions you make. Calling for a Healthy Counsel LLC is an investment in your future.