I have often wondered why mothers continue to breast feed children  who are one year old, eighteen months, or two-three years old.  While living in England, I viewed a talk show about  this subject on the “telly”.

Two families were  present on the show; the mothers, the breast fed children, and the husband. One family had a set of three year old twin boys,  who continued to breast feed, and the other family had two girls, ages five and eight years old, who also continued to breast feed.

Both mothers often fed the children simultaneously.   Both fathers on the program had very little to say about the situation, other than  they could not prevent their wives from continuing to breastfeed the children.

A  friend mentioned to me in conversation, that she had attended a party on the weekend, and had witnessed a mother breastfeeding her 11 year old son, in the main room of the party.

Generally, the medical community believes that mother’s milk is only beneficial to the child, for the first six months of  life.  So if there is no health benefit to the child, what could be the reasons that some mothers choose to breastfeed for extended periods of time?

Is this a situation of concern?  Are these mothers inappropriate?  Are these parents abusive?  Are there marital issues prompting the mothers to keep the fathers away from themselves?  Have the mothers become emotionally dependent on the children?